Calgary West Speech-Language Pathology

Preschool Language Evaluations and Therapy

Supporting families to determine if their child has a language delay and offering intervention to close the gap

Does my child need a Language Assessment

Is your child experiencing any of the following?

  • Limited Vocabulary: Uses fewer words than peers 
  • Late Talking: Your child is late getting those first words or putting words together
  • Difficulty understanding Directions: Struggles to understand or follow simple directions compared to other children their age.
  • Poor Sentence Structure: Forms incomplete or grammatically incorrect sentences.
  • Trouble Asking Questions: Has difficulty forming questions or does not ask questions typical for their age.
  • Difficulty with Conversations: Difficulty talking back and forth with others
  • Social Communication Issues: Struggles with appropriate play, talk, turn-taking, or using language for social purposes.
  • Difficulty answering questions: Has trouble understanding the difference between a ‘what’ and ‘who’ question
  • Limited Storytelling Skills: Has trouble telling stories or recounting events in a logical sequence.
  • Difficulty understanding: Displays problems in understanding language, including basic concepts (such as big, small, empty, wet) and directions with concepts (such as in, on, under, beside)
  • Challenges in Expressing Needs: Often frustrated or unable to express what they want or need clearly.
A speech pathologist sits with her client at a desk.

Our Solution

Tailored Preschool Language Therapy That Kids Love

  • Comprehensive Evaluations: Our Preschool Language therapists specialize in identifying early language difficulties in young children. Each session begins with a detailed assessment, designed to understand the unique communication challenges your child faces. This thorough evaluation ensures that the therapy is perfectly tailored to meet your child’s specific needs.

    Engaging Therapy Approach: We believe that learning should be joyous and engaging. Our therapy sessions utilize evidence-based practices integrated with child-led play. This approach not only makes each session enjoyable but also highly effective, as children learn language skills through engaging play based activities

    Qualified and Experienced Therapists: Our team consists of highly qualified Preschool Language therapists, each with years of experience working specifically with preschool-aged children. 

    Play Based Therapy: We focus on methods that resonate with young children, making use of storytelling, music, and games to facilitate language acquisition and communication skills. Our techniques are designed to boost vocabulary, sentence structure, and overall expressive and receptive language abilities.

    Building Lasting Skills: The goal of our therapy is not just short-term improvement but the development of lasting language skills that will serve as a foundation for future learning and interaction.

    By entrusting us with your child’s language development, you’re not just getting a therapist; you’re gaining a partner who’s committed to nurturing your child’s ability to communicate confidently and effectively.

Benefits of Our Speech Therapy Services

  • Enhanced Vocabulary: Expands your child’s vocabulary and improves the ability to use words effectively in communication.
  • Improved Sentence Structure: Helps children form complete and grammatically correct sentences, enhancing their overall speech clarity.
  • Better Comprehension: Increases the child’s ability to follow instructions and understand complex language, aiding cognitive development.
  • Social Skills Development: Boosts communication skills necessary for interacting with peers, fostering better social relationships.
  • Expressive Language Growth: Encourages children to express their thoughts and needs more clearly, reducing frustration and enhancing self-expression.
  • Confidence in Communication: Builds confidence in speaking and interacting, which is crucial for academic success and everyday interactions.
A speech pathologist practices with her client while sitting at a desk.

Getting Started


Fill out the intake form on website. We will contact you to set up an initial consultation.


We will complete an evaluation and provide you with a detailed summary of the findings along with our recommendations. We will work with you to develop your child’s therapy plan


Your child will begin their individualized treatment sessions  based on their specific goals and needs. Written session notes will be provided after every session in addition to home practice materials and suggestions

We are accepting new clients! Contact us to learn about our Calgary Preschool Language Therapy and to schedule an appointment with one of our compassionate and experienced speech therapists.