Calgary West Speech-Language Pathology

Speech Evaluations and Speech Therapy

Speech evaluations are what we do.  We help you figure out where to start.

Does my child need a speech evaluation?

Is your child experiencing any of the following?

  • Unclear Speech: Does your child have trouble saying words the right way so they are hard to understand
  • Frustration: Does your child seem frustrated when they are not understood
  •  Replacing sounds with different sounds: Does your child use one sound to replace another, for example, ‘t’ for ‘k’ sounds? They say “tat” for cat.
  • Often Pauses When Speaking: Does your child stop a lot or uses “um” and “uh” frequently when talking.
  • Dropping sounds: Does your child skip sounds in words, such as saying ‘no’ for “snow”
  • Repeats Sounds or Words: Does your child often repeat parts of words or whole words 
  • “Slushy” Sounds: Do you some of your child’s sounds sound “slushy” or “spitty”
  • Drops parts of words: Does your child simplify their words such as saying “copper” for helicopter
  • Mumbled speech: Does it sound like they are running all their words together
  • Trouble producing some sounds: Does your child have difficulty making certain sounds such as the ‘r’ or ‘ch’ sound
A speech-language pathologist sits with her client.

Our Solution

Tailored Speech Therapy That Kids Love

  • Comprehensive Evaluations: We start with a thorough assessment to identify which sounds your child is having trouble with

  • Creating specific and measurable goals: Our therapists review the assessment information to write goals that we will work towards in therapy

  • Engaging Therapy Sessions: Our therapy incorporates child-led play and fun activities/games, utilizing evidence-based practices to reach our goals

  • Expert Therapists: Each of our speech-language pathologists is fully certified with specialized training in pediatric speech therapy

  • Enjoyable and Effective: We create a supportive and enjoyable environment that encourages children to build skills confidently.

Benefits of Our Speech Therapy Services

  • Improved Speech Clarity: Helps children articulate sounds and words more clearly.

  • Enhanced Communication Skills: Boosts overall speech skills and effective communication in various settings.

  • Increased Confidence: Children gain confidence as they become more capable and comfortable with their speaking abilities.

  • Testimonial: “Since starting therapy at Calgary West, our son’s speech has improved tremendously. He’s not only speaking more clearly, but he’s also so much more confident in school and with friends. We are incredibly grateful for the support and expertise provided.”                    — Emily R., Satisfied Parent

A speech-language pathologist sits cross-legged with her client.

Getting Started


Fill out the intake form on website. We will contact you to set up an initial consultation.


We will complete an evaluation and provide you with a detailed summary of the findings along with our recommendations. We will work with you to develop your child’s therapy plan.


Your child will begin their individualized treatment sessions  based on their specific goals and needs. Written session notes will be provided after every session in addition to home practice materials and suggestions.

We are accepting new clients! Contact us to learn about our Calgary speech evaluations and to schedule an appointment with one of our compassionate and experienced speech therapists.