Calgary West Speech-Language Pathology

Our Methodology

Our Philosphy

At Calgary West SLP, we are dedicated to empowering children to build their communication skills. We believe in celebrating each child for who they are, fostering their confidence, and celebrating every step along the journey. Our mission is to provide comprehensive support, personalized therapy, and a commitment to building strong connections with our families, to help each child reach their full potential.

Our approach

  • Listening to families and learning what their concerns are
  • Completing an assessment to understand each child’s strengths and areas that require support
  • Sharing findings and setting goals with our families
  • Personalized Support and Treatment sessions that kids love
  • Providing strategies and home programming to complete between visits


What makes us different

  • We take the time to work WITH families. We get to know our families to find strategies, homework ideas, and treatment plans that work for each family.
  • We are a group of SLPs with specific skill sets that we are super passionate about! We do not take on every type of client because we want you to get the BEST therapist for YOU!
  • Our office has a “home-like” feel so kids feel more relaxed and want to start playing as soon as they walk in the door. Also, parents love our coffee bar and wifi, so they can get some work done while their kids are in therapy.
  • We love to work and collaborate with community partners, such as teachers at school, SLPs in the classroom, Occupational therapists, and pediatricians to support the kids we work with.
  • We are not tied to the restrictions and policies of large programs. We simply listen to our families, learn what they need support for, and help them reach their goals.
  • We are your child’s biggest cheerleaders! We love it when our clients make the “I just did it” face! You know the one…. wide eyes, huge smile and confidence spilling out. We live for that!
  • Every session is playful and fun. Kids learn through play and positive experiences, so that is exactly what we offer Every.Single.Session.

Let’s Get Started!

We are accepting new clients! Contact us to learn about our services and to schedule an appointment with one of our amazing and experienced speech therapists.