Calgary West Speech-Language Pathology

Speaking Engagements

Rae-Anne is a dynamic and engaging speaker who offers professional development sessions to teachers, speech-language pathologists, early learning teams and groups of people who support children and are interested in learning more about a variety of topics.

Current topics include:

  • Executive Functioning: Seeing each child through the EF lens to help them overcome obstacles, support their learning needs and foster success
  • Growing and Supporting Language all day in the Daycare Setting
  • Reading books to toddlers: ‘How to get the most bang for your reading buck’

More topics coming! If you have a particular question or need in your work place, reach out to Rae-Anne to see if she can support your learning needs.

A speech pathologist sits at a desk with her client while holding a pencil.
Headshot of Rae-Anne Kerr.

Why Rae-Anne?

Speech Language Pathologist and Coach
  • Expertise and Experience: Rae-Anne is a certified speech-language pathologist with over 16 years of specialized experience in speech and language therapy.
  • Proven Success: She has a track record of successful outcomes, with numerous testimonials from satisfied parents detailing significant improvements.
  • Personalized Approach: Rae-Anne is known for her personalized and compassionate approach, ensuring that each family’s unique needs are met.
  • Continuous Learning: She stays updated with the latest research and techniques in speech therapy to provide the best possible care.
  • Community Involvement: Rae-Anne is actively involved in community outreach programs to educate and support families beyond the clinic.

Let’s Get Started!

Contact Rae-Anne directly to inquire about speaking opportunities for your program or school.