Calgary West Speech-Language Pathology

Myofunctional Therapy

Myofunctional therapy that supports children with OMDs and Speech Difficulties.

Your child may benefit from myofunctional therapy

Is your child experiencing any of the following?

  • Mouth Breathing: Habitual breathing through the mouth instead of the nose, both during the day and at night.
  • Swallowing Difficulties: Trouble with chewing or swallowing, often accompanied by a noticeable tongue thrust.
  • Speech Impediments: Issues such as lisps, difficulty pronouncing certain letters like ‘s’, ‘z’, ‘r’, and ‘l’.
  • Snoring and Sleep Disturbances: Regular snoring, restlessness during sleep, or symptoms of sleep apnea.
  • Facial Development Issues: Abnormal facial growth, such as a long, narrow face, or a misaligned jaw.
  • Frequent Biting: Accidentally biting the tongue, cheeks, or lips frequently.
  • Dental Problems: Crowded teeth, misaligned bite, or dental arch deformities.
  • Posture Issues: Poor posture, particularly head and neck positioning, related to oral muscle imbalances.
  • Finger or Thumb Sucking: Persistent thumb or finger sucking beyond the toddler years.
  • Picky Eating or Gagging: Difficulty managing textures of food, gagging easily, or being overly selective with food choices due to discomfort while chewing or swallowing.
A speech pathologist points to her mouth while her client does the same holding a mirror.

Our Solution

Tailored Myofunctional Therapy That Kids Love

  • Comprehensive Evaluations: Our certified myofunctional therapists conduct in-depth assessments to identify specific myofunctional issues, ensuring that each child receives a personalized treatment plan.

  • Engaging Therapy Sessions: We use evidence-based practices combined with child-led play to make therapy sessions both fun and educational, helping children learn new sounds and habits in an enjoyable way.

  • Expert and Experienced Therapists: Our therapists are not only highly qualified, with specialized certifications in myofunctional therapy, but also have extensive experience in working with children, ensuring a compassionate and effective approach.

  • Focus on Fun: By incorporating play into our therapy, we keep children engaged and motivated, fostering an environment where learning and improvement happen naturally and joyfully.

  • Tailored Approaches: We recognize the individuality of each child and adjust our therapy techniques to match their specific needs and preferences, promoting better outcomes and greater satisfaction.

  • Building Confidence: Our goal is to empower children through improved myofunctional health, enhancing their self-esteem and overall quality of life.

Benefits of Our Speech Therapy Services

  • Improved Speech Clarity: Helps children articulate sounds and words more clearly.

  • Enhanced Communication Skills: Boosts overall language ability and effective communication in various settings.

  • Increased Confidence: Children gain confidence as they become more capable and comfortable in their speaking abilities.

  • Healthier Oral Habits: Our therapy promotes proper oral habits, which can lead to improved dental health and easier breathing.
  • Positive Behavior Changes: Children often show improvements in behavior as they become less frustrated with communication barriers.
  • Testimonial: “Since starting therapy at Calgary West, our son’s speech has improved tremendously. He’s not only speaking more clearly, but he’s also so much more confident in school and with friends. We are incredibly grateful for the support and expertise provided.” — Emily R., Satisfied Parent

A speech pathologist sits at a desk with her client while holding a pencil.

Getting Started


Reach out via email, phone call or fill out intake form on website. SLP will schedule a free consultation to discuss your concerns to determine if an assessment is recommended. If so, an initial consultation will be scheduled with you.


Evaluations consist of assessments, clinical observations, and parent interviews. A detailed summary of findings and our recommendations will be shared with parents, and together we will develop your child’s therapy plan.


Your child will begin their individualized therapy plan based on their specific goals and needs. Written session notes will be provided after every session in addition to home practice materials and suggestions.

We are accepting new clients! Contact us to learn about our Calgary Myofunctional Therapy and to schedule an appointment with one of our compassionate and experienced speech therapists.